Here at our Poole luxury care home, we firmly believe that a resident’s bedroom is their sanctuary. All rooms are spacious and airy, and fitted with a comfortable bed, quality furniture and modern equipment. We make sure that each resident has all the equipment they need to help caregivers assist them with their daily life, including hoists and mobility aids.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) made perhaps the most succinct statement about care:

“If you really want to help somebody, first of all you must find him where he is and start there. This is the secret of caring. If you cannot do that, it is only an illusion if you think you can help another human being. Helping somebody implies your understanding more than he does, but first of all you must understand what he understands. If you cannot do that, your understanding will be of no avail… the helper must be humble in his attitude towards the people he wants to help. He must understand that helping is not dominating, but serving. Caring implies patience as well as acceptance of not being right and of not understanding what the other person understands.”

Dr Gemma Jones, author of ‘Care Giving in Dementia’, defines ‘ideal care’ as: –

“The attitude and supportive actions which make a person feel valued, safe, nurtured and cared for, regardless of their illness, the stage of their illness, irrespective of their gender, race, creed, past achievements, or their shortcomings as a human being.”

Regency Manor Care

To help residents feel more at home, we have a decorator on hand to repaint their bedroom wall to any colour they wish. Residents can also bring with them any photographs and favourite pieces of furniture from their previous home. In fact, some of our rooms, include no trace of our care home furniture.

Those who have acute dementia are allocated a room on our specialist dementia floors. On these floors, all bedroom doors are individually coloured, and display the resident’s name in large writing to trigger recognition, minimise confusion and promote independence.
All of the bedrooms are kept clean and hygienic by our support team. Residents can also take responsibility for keeping their own room clean if they have expressed the desire to do so.

Aranlaw House, Regency Manor and Seabourne House are supported by Mandy Kittlety who is the Director of Care Services at ( Mandy is qualified social worker registered with General Social Care Council and has very recently started mentoring junior social workers. Her experiences include raising through the ranks while working for Bournemouth Borough Council during her formative years. She has also been registered as the Manager at both Seabourne House and Aranlaw House. Mandy has a passion for self-development and has completed various courses ranging from Dr Gemma Jones’s course on Communication and Care Giving, Dementia Care Mapping (Bradford University), Cornerstone of Dementia Person Centred Care (Bradford University) through to the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. When Mandy is not passionately managing, educating and motivating our team, she acts as an independent safeguarding adult chair for a local authority.

Communal areas

Because our residents live in suites, the spacious communal areas incorporate a lounge area, a dining area, and a drinks and snacks station. A kitchenette is also included where residents or caregivers can make cups of tea.

All the communal areas in our Poole luxury care home have been decorated and furnished throughout to the highest standard. Using calm and warm colours, we provide a homely and inviting environment in which the residents can relax and enjoy the company of others.

Our specialist dementia suites feature brightly coloured walls and visual reminders strategically placed up and down the corridors. These serve as memory triggers, enabling residents to find their way around independently.

Noticeboards are dotted around the home; they are a communication hub where residents can discover what the days’ activities are, see what’s on the menu and look at photographs from previous days’ out.

We pride ourselves on being the cleanest and most hygienic luxury care home Poole has to offer. Our support team are on hand 24 hours a day to make sure communal areas are sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

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