High End Care Poole

Have you been searching the web for a first-class nursing home that provides high end care? Poole clients, look no further, as you’ve found Regency Manor! We’re the number one care facility in the county, so be sure to reach out if you believe that our establishment is suitable for your loved one. You can call us now on 01202 117 075 or email info@luxurycare.co.uk, where we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

The Number One Team for Poole High End Care 

Here at Regency Manor, we’re delighted to be considered by many as the best home for high end care Poole has to offer. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that our facility is suitable for clients with degenerative diseases and will make them feel comfortable. Read on to learn more about our superb care options and find out what makes us such a highly sought after nursing home. 

We have been operating for many years, and over time, have only continued to improve our already excellent facility. We’ve made sure that all of our staff have been trained to the highest level so that they can care for those with degenerative diseases correctly. Thanks to our excellent local reputation, we’ve become the go-to facility for many seeking Poole high end care for their loved one. 

The Best High End Care Poole Has to Offer  

Living with a degenerative disease is incredibly challenging, and the difficulties only get worse as time wears on. It is for this reason that many people decide to move into a dedicated care facility such as ours at Regency Manor. We have the medical care required to help residents living with diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s. It is for this reason that we’re highly sought after by those in need of Poole high end care. 

To ensure that we’re able to deliver such care sufficiently, we’ve continued to expand and improve our facilities over the years. We now have many in-house services available for residents, such as a hairdresser, catering, laundry, and much more. Those living with us will be left wanting for nothing during their time in our establishment. Such facilities allow us to offer the best high end care Poole residents can get. 

Our team are on hand to provide residents with round-the-clock care.

Flexible High End Care in Poole 

As part of our high end care, Poole residents living with us will have the opportunity to take part in several activities, including: 

  • Baking 
  • Woodwork 
  • Gardening 
  • Sensory Sessions 
  • And More! 

If you’re interested in any of the activities listed above and would like to learn more, speak to a member of our team today! 

Why Choose Us for High End Care in Poole? 

We at Regency Manor pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and want potential residents to know that they’re dealing with an esteemed care home. Poole residents will, therefore, be pleased to learn that we are recognised by the Care Quality Commission, a company that has produced a report that praises our efforts. Such an endorsement proves that we’re the most reliable care home for high end care Poole has to offer. 

We’ve been called home by many past residents over the years, and are proud to have left a good impression on the families of loved one in care. As a result of our efforts, we’ve received many positive reviews, many of which can be read on our dedicated testimonials page. The comments here are sure to convince you that ours is the number one establishment for high end care in Poole. 

Get in Touch  

So, if you’d like your loved one to have access to the best high end care Poole has to offer, be sure to contact us at Regency Manor today! We’re always willing to discuss our various care options at length, so call us now on 01202 117 075 if you have any specific questions. Alternatively, email any queries to info@luxurycare.co.uk, and we’ll reply shortly with all the required information.