Dorset Nursing Home

Regency Manor is a Dorset nursing home that provides care and comfort to dementia and non-dementia residents. If your loved one has developed the disease and needs expert care, then we should be your first point of call. If you have an elderly relative that is struggling with day-to-day activities because they live on their own, then our care home is the perfect place for them. To find out more information, give us a call on 01202 099829. 

A Care Home Dorset Residents Can Live Peacefully In 

Our nursing home in Dorset caters to residents that have a variety of conditions. As specialists in dementia care, we can help those suffering with the condition. For individuals that have other conditions or need a little extra help, we provide a safe and comfortable home for them too. Each resident will be given a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs. 

Disease and illness can change as time goes on, so you can rest assured that our Dorset nursing home will make adaptations to care plans where necessary. All of our plans are designed to give residents the attention they need while also providing a space for them to be independent. At Regency Manor, we have worked hard to create a space that allows residents to live comfortably. 

Our care home, Dorset residents, provides three types of care, of which we have outlined below. 


Dorset nursing home

Dementia is caused either by Alzheimer’s or a reduction of oxygen flow to the brain. As a result, the brain cells die, which break up the electrical connections within the brain. Without these, some individuals struggle to complete and understand daily activities. It is important to note that dementia forms in different levels, and at our nursing home in Dorset, we can help anyone regardless of the severity of their dementia. 

Dr Gemma Jones has done plenty of research into dementia care and has formulated an approach of ‘validation over medication’. This means that the staff at our Dorset nursing home will help residents adapt to their changing circumstances. It is a collaborative effort, meaning that GPs, nurses and mental health organisations are all involved in devising care plans. 

Palliative Care 

At our care home, Dorset residents don’t have to fear that they will be asked to leave their home when they reach the final days of their life. We provide palliative care, which involves creating an end of life plan that focuses on making the resident as comfortable and content as possible. Our staff will work closely with the resident, their family and healthcare professionals to ensure that wishes are met. 

Residential Care 

As we get older, our mobility and brain function can deteriorate. If your loved one is struggling to maintain a house on their own, then consider coming to our nursing home in Dorset. We provide expert residential care that focuses on personalised treatment. We regularly assess the following: 

  • Medical Wellbeing 
  • Psychological Wellbeing 
  • Spiritual Wellbeing 
  • And More 

Why Choose Our Dorset Nursing Home? 

As part of the Luxury Care group, Regency Manor has built a reputation for providing excellent care to both dementia residents and non-dementia residents. Based in Poole, our Dorset nursing home boasts 69 luxury care suites, with four of them dedicated to our residents with dementia. The design of our home helps to assist as well as promote independence for our residents. 

As well as providing tailored care plans and creating a calming ambiance, our Dorset nursing home has fantastic facilities, including a hair salon and a coffee shop. Plus, residents can enjoy beautiful views of the sea. 

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