Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth

Is it time your loved one moved into a care home? Have you been looking at all the care homes in the Bournemouth area that specialise in dementia care, searching for the best home for them? If so, you have certainly come to the right place and can stop your search, as Regency Manor is the premier dementia care home in Bournemouth. Ours is a modern and luxurious care home situated in a quiet residential area in Lower Parkstone, and we specialise in caring for those with dementia. 

At Regency Manor, a home owned and run by the wider LuxuryCare Group, we believe in providing high standards of care that is tailored to each resident. You can trust that at our Bournemouth dementia care home, your loved one will be well cared for and happy. So, to find out more about our home, simply call us today on 01202 099848

The Most Trusted Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth 

When it is time for your loved one to enter a home, it will, of course, be important to ensure you are choosing the right home for them. You will want to make sure they are living somewhere where they will be well cared for and treated with dignity and respect, so you will be searching for a home you can trust. Well, here at Regency Manor, we are the most trusted dementia care home in Bournemouth.  

We can assure you that we fully believe every resident should receive care that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements, and this care will be of the highest quality. Our residents also have a say in the level of care they receive, ensuring they retain their dignity and independence when living with us.  

As with all care homes, we at Regency Manor are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting all regulations and supplying high standards of care. We are proud to say that we have recently been awarded Outstanding by the CQC, so you can be sure that we are a dementia care home in Bournemouth that goes above and beyond.  

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that we invest heavily in the training of our staff, from management and chefs through to support staff and carers. Every member of the team, regardless of their experience, goes through our rigorous training programme. Plus, once they begin with us, they will be assigned an experienced member of staff to shadow, ensuring they fully understand our home and our residents. All of this is why we are such a trusted Bournemouth dementia care home. 

About Our Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth

Here at Regency Manor, we are one of the premier homes in Bournemouth for those with dementia, but we also care for those without dementia too. Our home is comprised of 69 rooms which are spaced across six luxury care suites, and four of these suites are dedicated to those with dementia, one of which is solely for female residents. We allocate suites at our dementia care home in Bournemouth in-line with a resident’s condition, and these suites allow our team of caregivers to meet the individual needs of each of our residents. 

Our Bournemouth dementia care home has progressive dementia suites and low-level dementia suites, so we are able to cater to each resident’s individual needs and condition. The progressive suites have been interior designed by specialists so as to assist and prolong the independence of our residents, helping to mitigate feelings of confusion and fear. Our low-level suites have been tastefully decorated to provide the luxury we are known for. 

Our dementia care home in Bournemouth is located in a quiet, residential area in Lower Parkstone, so all residents will be in a calm and relaxing environment. We boast sweeping views of the sea from our care home, so our residents will not only benefit from superior quality care but will do so in beautiful surroundings too. 

All care homes must be regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission to ensure they are meeting all legal requirements and regulations and that the level of care they provide is of a high standard. Our Bournemouth dementia care home is no exception to this, so we are regularly inspected at Regency Manor. The Care Quality Commission has recently awarded us Outstanding across the board, so you can rest assured that ours is one of the best homes in the Bournemouth area. 

Facilities at Our Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth  

Here at Regency Manor, we understand that the level of care we provide is just one important feature of any care home. We also know that residents need to have access to everything they could need while living with us, which is why we offer such a vast range of facilities on site. These facilities allow residents in our Bournemouth dementia care home to live a normal and comfortable life with us. 

The facilities we offer at Regency Manor include: 

  • Laundry
  • Catering
  • Hair Salon  
  • Medical Services
  • Chaplain

Our medical services include health professionals such as psychiatrists, occupational therapists, chiropodists, audiologists, and more, ensuring all health needs are covered.  

We also have a coffee machine and tuck shop at our Bournemouth dementia care home, just past the reception, so residents can use these between meal times. Additionally, we have a garden area both outside and inside. Our outside garden features decking areas, well-kept lawns, and a patio area with seating while our inside garden is where residents can maintain potted plants and access the roof terrace. 


The accommodation at our dementia care home, Bournemouth residents, is just as important to us at Regency Manor. We believe that a resident’s bedroom is their sanctuary and, as such, all rooms are spacious and airy, fitted with comfortable and quality furniture. Every room will be equipped with any equipment that is needed to provide superior levels of care, such as mobility aids and hoists. 

We want our residents to feel at home here, which is why we have a decorator on hand who can paint the walls of their rooms any colour they wish. Your loved one can even bring their own furniture from their previous home to make their room much more homely for them. We will be more than happy to remove any of our furniture in order to accommodate this. 

On our dementia floors, all bedroom doors are individually coloured and display the resident’s name in large writing. This helps trigger recognition so that each resident can find their room independently. 

Communal Areas 

We offer communal areas in our Bournemouth dementia care home, and these have been decorated and furnished to a high standard. Our dementia suites feature brightly coloured walls and visual reminders to serve as memory triggers, helping our residents move around independently.  

We use calm and warm colours in our non-dementia communal areas to provide a homely and inviting environment for residents to socialise. These communal areas include a lounge area, dining area, a drinks and snacks section, and a kitchenette where residents or caregivers can make cups of tea.  

There are noticeboards dotted around the home in these communal areas. With these noticeboards, residents can see what the days’ activities are, what’s on the menu, and look at photos from previous days out. 

Fun Activities for All Residents

Here at Regency Manor, we want to make sure that our residents we entertained and fully engaged when living with us. Our care staff make the time to sit down with our residents and have a chat if they wish, making sure to take note of their mood and improving it if they are feeling low. 

We make sure to schedule activities daily at our dementia care home in Bournemouth as this helps boost morale and improve our resident’s sense of wellbeing. Our activities for dementia residents involve sessions that focus on stimulating the mind and memory, and we offer a wide range of activities.  

Our activities include everything from arts and crafts and flower arranging to sing-a-longs, baking, and games such as bingo. At our dementia care home, Bournemouth residents need only express an interest in something they would like to try. We go to every length to make it happen for them and, often, other residents will wish to join in so we will create a whole group activity. 

About Our Day Trips

In addition to these activities, which are carried out in-house, we also take our residents out on day trips every two days. These trips are organised in groups on a rotational basis, ensuring everyone has to chance to get out and about in the fresh air. 

Our day trips encompass a wide variety of activities, as we like to take our residents to museums and galleries, garden centres, the cinema, and even the beach in nice weather. 

Why Choose Our Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth?

When it comes to choosing a care home for a loved one that has dementia, you will want to make sure you are choosing a reliable home that provides quality care. Here at Regency Manor, we are considered to be one of the best luxury care homes for both dementia and non-dementia care. Our dementia care home in Bournemouth is located in a quiet residential area, ensuring your loved one experiences a calm and tranquil environment along with the highest standards of care. 

As a care home that has been awarded Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, you can be of no doubt that the staff go above and beyond for our residents. You can trust that your loved one will be given the very highest level of care in the most comfortable and luxury surroundings. We provide everything your loved one could ever need, right here in our Bournemouth dementia care home, and we keep them engaged with regular activities. 

When it comes to the care we provide, we make sure to invest heavily in our staff’s training to ensure they continue to meet our exceedingly high standards. We have the highest of standards for care so, regardless of their experience, all new members of staff complete a comprehensive six day training course. Even after training is completed, all new staff are paired with an experienced team member to educate them on the unique needs of every resident. This ensures that their care always meets the level required by us.  

You shouldn’t just take our word for all of this, however. Over the years, we have cared for many residents and made them feel at home at Regency Manor. The friends and family of our residents sing our praises and regularly commend us on the level of care we provide. Many have even gone on to leave us glowing reviews, which can be seen on our dedicated testimonials page. These reviews should provide you with complete peace of mind that we truly are the best dementia care home Bournemouth has to offer. 

Contact Us

While there are many care homes in the Bournemouth area that provide dementia care, there are none that can beat everything we have to offer here at Regency Manor. We are one of the care homes in Dorset that is owned and run by the wider LuxuryCare Group, and we provide outstanding levels of care in a luxury environment. So, if you are convinced that we are the right dementia care home in Bournemouth for your loved one, there are a few ways you can reach out. 

You can call our dementia care home, Bournemouth clients, on 01202 099848 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be happy to listen to your loved one’s requirements, answer any questions, and provide honest advice. Alternatively, should you wish to reach out via a written method, you can fill out our online form or send an email to and we will respond shortly.