Poole Care Home

Is your loved one struggling with dementia? Does your relative need specialist care to treat a health problem? Well, look no further than Regency Manor. We are a Poole care home that provides care and a comfortable environment for residents to live independently with the right support. For more information about our wonderful facility, give us a call on 01202 715760.

A Care Home Poole Residents Feel at Home in

One of the most important aspects of running Regency Manor is ensuring that our residents feel comfortable and happy. Our professionals provide expert care, but our care home in Poole is also designed to allow residents to feel independent and go about their daily lives with dignity. We want them to feel at home when they set up residency in our facility.

Every single one of the residents here at our Poole care home is given a care plan that is specifically tailored to their needs. There are three main aspects of care that we focus on, and we have outlined them below.


Dementia is a disease that affects the function of the brain, and it is generally caused by Alzheimer’s or a reduction in oxygen flow to the brain. As it progresses, brain cells die, which affects the electrical connections in our brain. This then prevents us from completing normal day-to-day functions.

For example, some of our residents here at Regency Manor struggle with problem-solving and language, while others cannot do simple tasks. Individuals can also suffer severe memory loss, in which they cannot recognise members of their family. The effects of dementia differ for each individual, which is why our care home, Poole residents, creates tailored care plans.

Many of our care plans are based on the research and findings of Dr Gemma Jones, who believes in validation over medication. With that in mind, our care home in Poole aims to help residents learn how to cope with their circumstances in a safe and comfortable environment.

Palliative Care

It is devastating for families when their loved one reaches the end of their life, so our team go the extra mile to ensure that their final days are comfortable. In our Poole care home, we will devise an end of life plan after speaking to the resident, their family and healthcare professionals. Once your loved one has passed away, we will provide you with ongoing support.

Residential Care

Care Home in Poole

Here at Regency Manor, we are well aware that some residents require specialist care due to their health problems or mobility issues. Our care home, Poole residents, arranges regular visits from the following:

  • Doctors
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • District Nurses
  • And More

Everything is conducted with the aim of making sure that our residents get the medical, psychological and spiritual support that they need.

Why Our Poole Care Home is the Best Around

If you are searching for a care home in Poole that provides expert care while also giving residents a sense of independence in comfortable surroundings, then choose Regency Manor. We make sure that our residents are not treated differently just because they are struggling with an illness. It is our mission to ensure that your loved one is getting the right care while also enjoying their daily life in their new home.

We have a range of facilities, such as catering and laundry, and there is also a coffee shop, hair salon, beautiful gardens and visits from opticians, chiropodists and dentists. Our Poole care home has 69 rooms, spread across six luxury care suites. For dementia residents, we have four separate suites, with one solely for females.

The decor in the dementia suites helps to eradicate feelings of confusion while also encouraging their independence. The remaining suites, which are for low-level dementia residents and non-dementia residents, are designed elegantly. Every inch of our Poole care home has been mapped out to meet the needs of our residents.

Contact Us

To find out more information about our wonderful Poole care home, get in touch with a member of staff today by calling 01202 715760. Alternatively, send an email to info@luxurycare.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.