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Have you been searching for a quality care home that would be suitable for your loved one? Then you need to get in touch with Regency Manor, the best care home in Bournemouth! We’re delighted to be the first-choice care facility for many local residents. Our team have gone above and beyond to improve our facility in a multitude of ways, making it one of the most modern care homes in Bournemouth. If you’d like to learn more about our excellent care home, you should reach out to our care team today! 

Our care staff have made sure that they’re available as often as possible to go through queries from potential residents at length. You can reach us over the phone now by calling 01202 117 075 or email your questions to, where we’ll get back to you shortly. We will be sure to provide you with all the relevant information regarding the facilities at our care home. 

The Go-To Care Home in Bournemouth

Here at Regency Manor, we’re proud to be considered the best care home in Bournemouth by many local residents. Our care team is dedicated to providing care of the highest quality to all those who choose to live in our facility. You can expect our care staff to cater to the specific needs of every resident and make sure that they are getting the specialised care that they require. We welcome all types of residents as we are confident in being able to provide care for a range of illnesses. 

In the time that we’ve been operating in Bournemouth, we’ve built up an excellent local reputation as a quality care home. Our staff are all fully trained with regards to providing care to residents and have plenty of experience working with a range of illnesses. Over time, we have had plenty of success with regards to offering a relaxing, safe haven to those that need it most. Our past efforts have resulted in us becoming the go-to care home in Bournemouth. 

All of this success has come through us being a part of the Luxury Care group. This exceptional organisation is dedicated to managing the finest care homes available for those in need. Luxury Care manages several care homes throughout Dorset, all of which meet the high standards set out by the company. As part of the Luxury Care group, we are determined to be a stand our care home in the local area and provide an exceptional level of care to those that need it most. 

What Makes Our Bournemouth Care Home Unique?

We at Regency Manor feel that we are a unique care home in Bournemouth because of the range of facilities we offer. Read on to learn more about the various aspects of our care home that make it stand out from the rest. 

Our care home in Poole, CARE HOME IN BOURNEMOUTH


We believe that one of the most important aspects of any care home is the bedrooms that are available. At Regency Manor, we’ve made sure that the bedrooms we’ve put together are spacious and comfortable so that residents can relax in peace. The beds we offer are of exceptional quality and come complete with features that will alert staff if necessary. All bedrooms are also en-suite, so residents in our care will have their own bathroom and, as a result, more privacy. 

Our care team understand how challenging it can be to move away from home and into a care home. To help make the transition smoother, our care staff allow for all manner of decoration to be carried out. We have also made it possible for residents to bring their furniture from home into our care facility. Any additions that will make you feel more comfortable are welcomed by our care team. Such personalisation options set us apart as the best care home in Bournemouth. 

Communal Areas 

At any care home, frequent engagement with the local community is vital for all residents. Interacting with peers has proven to be a wonderful escape for residents that have degenerative diseases, such as dementia and Parkinson’s. To make such socialising easier, we have put together several communal areas for our residents to enjoy. By making large, open, and comfortable spaces for people to enjoy, we at Regency Manor allow residents in our care to make new friends and enjoy communal activities. 

One of the communal areas that we’ve put together is our dining room, which is a large space made up of comfortable chairs and spacious tables. Residents can chat with one another over food in this space, making for more pleasant mealtimes. We also have several other comfortable communal areas dotted around our facility, all of which are made up of relaxing chairs with scenic views where possible. Having this range of spaces is another reason why we’re the best care home in Bournemouth. 

Facilities at Our Care Home in Bournemouth 

We at Regency Manor believe that in order to cater to the needs of all residents sufficiently, we must be able to provide them with a range of in-house services. After all, one of the main reasons why people enter a care home is because they cannot support themselves when out and about alone. To avoid the need for residents to leave our establishment, we have made sure to offer a variety of useful facilities. Our team have the skill and knowledge required to operate all the facilities we offer correctly. 

We want to cater to the needs of as many residents in our care as possible, which is why we’ve continued to expand the range of facilities we offer. It is our goal to only broaden the selection of in-house facilities we offer further so that residents will have their needs fulfilled at all times. We feel that it is vital that the facilities we have in our care home are all up to date and modern so that residents can enjoy the best experience possible. 

Our care team understand that the facilities required for residents living in our care home will vary. Along with facilities intended for relaxation and leisure, we also offer a selection of medical services that residents can use. We believe that such medical facilities and services are essential for any care home, which is why we’ve incorporated as many as we can. Read on to learn more about some of the key facilities we offer residents in our care. 

Laundry Services

It is vital for the residents in our care home to have clean clothes at all times, which is why we operate a constant laundry service. Our staff will pick up dirty garments from residents regularly and have them cleaned as quickly as possible. Rest assured, you will have your clothes returned to you promptly, and they will be washed with care. 


As should be expected, we at Regency Manor have excellent catering options for those living in our care home in Bournemouth. Food is available at any time for residents so that they don’t go hungry in our facility. Our staff freshly prepare a range of meals, all of which use quality ingredients and are served with care. We will, of course, take into account the dietary needs of each resident and make sure that they only eat suitable meals. 

Hair Salon

Our care team realise that many residents will want to stick to their normal routine as much as possible after moving into our care home. An important aspect of anyone’s routine is when they get their hair cut. To make sure that residents don’t need to venture from our care facility in order to have a haircut, we have added a hair salon to our establishment. A talented hairdresser will be able to cut your hair exactly how you like it when you have it done at our care home in Bournemouth. 

Our Garden

At Regency Manor, we understand how important it is for many residents to have time outdoors at our care home. Those who are able can enjoy the large garden space we have available for residents. There are spacious decking areas available and outside seating so that residents can relax outside during the warmer months. Our care team has also made sure that our lawns are well-kept and that our patios are cleaned regularly. Such a pleasant outdoor garden makes us an attractive care home in Bournemouth. 

However, our team realise that not all residents will be able to enjoy our outside area. To rectify this problem and ensure that there is a pleasant green space for all residents, we have constructed a beautiful inside garden. This area is filled with potted plants and flowers as well as tables and chairs. Not only will this bright space prove to be a relaxing escape for those unable to go outside, but it will also serve as a getaway during the colder seasons. This area sets us apart from other Bournemouth facilities. 

Medical Services 

  • Psychiatrists 
  • Chiropody 
  • Audiologists 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • District and Local Nurses 

Fun Activities for Residents

Arts and Crafts 
Sensory Sessions 
Basketball and Balloon Tennis 
Flower Arranging and Gardening 
• Why Choose Our Care Home in Bournemouth?

We at Regency Manor have been operating for many years, and over time, have only continued to enhance our already excellent local reputation. Thanks to the excellent care options we have available, we have become the first-choice care home in Bournemouth for many local residents. Our fully trained team have helped us earn this reputation thanks to the quality care they deliver consistently. We can assure all potential residents that they will be in safe hands when living with us. 

It is our aim to always improve our care home, which is why we continue to upgrade facilities and better our care options. Such efforts have resulted in us gaining official recognition from the Care Quality Commission. This esteemed organisation has rated us as a ‘good’ care home in their official report, specifically recognising our safety, leadership, and effective care methods. This endorsement proves that we are an excellent care home in Bournemouth and should win over potential residents. 

Rather than just take our word for how great our care home is, why not take a look for yourself? We have received many positive reviews over the years from the families of loved ones that have been in our care. You can read many of these glowing comments yourself by heading over to our dedicated testimonials page. The feedback on our website is sure to convince you that we’re the number one care home in Bournemouth. 

From our outstanding rooms and facilities to the extensive range of care options we have available, we at Regency Manor are confident in being able to provide comfortable living to all residents. Choosing to live with us will prove to be a pleasant experience as you can engage in an active and caring community. No matter what physical or mental ailments you are suffering from, you can depend on our fully trained team to provide you with the necessary care. 

Contact Us 

So, would you like to learn more about the best care home in Bournemouth? Then you need to get in touch with the experts at Regency Manor today! Our friendly care team is always willing to discuss our care capabilities with potential residents at length. You can rely on our care staff to be clear and concise as they provide thorough answers to all your care home-related questions. It is our aim to provide potential residents with as much information as possible regarding our care home. 

If you’d like to speak to a member of our care home staff directly, you can do so by calling us today on 01202 117 075. Here, a member of our care team will go through all of your questions at length and do their best to answer them fully. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to chat, email your care home queries to or fill out our online contact form.