Care Home Bournemouth

Are you searching for an honest and reliable care home? Bournemouth has plenty of care homes to choose from, and Regency Manor just so happens to be one of them. Here, residents will be made to feel right at home. Our fully qualified and certified team of professionals are committed to providing a warm and welcome atmosphere. To learn more about what makes Regency Manor such an excellent choice, call us now on 01202 715760.

The Number One Care Home in Bournemouth

Here at Regency Manor, we’re proud of a reputation for which we have fought long and hard for. Choosing a care home for your loved one is never easy as there is so much to consider. It can also be a particularly traumatic time in a person’s life as they leave behind a home they’ve known for many years. To help make this transition easier, we strive to be the most accommodating care home, Bournemouth has to offer.

Our team will go to great lengths to make each and every resident feel relaxed and right at home. This needn’t be a stressful transition, and our team will work hard to make sure that it isn’t. To find out more about our Bournemouth care home and what it has to offer, continue reading.

Discover a Care Home Bournemouth Residents will Love

Within the leafy, residential setting of Lower Parkstone, you’ll discover Regency Manor, situated just a short distance from both Poole and Bournemouth. Equipped to handle the needs of both dementia and non-dementia residents, Regency Manor boasts modern facilities and carefully thought out decorative schemes. Every resident receives their own room along with a care plan tailored to their needs.

At our care home in Bournemouth, we don’t assume that all residents’ needs are the same. In fact, the resident always has a say in the level of care that they receive. Our team are committed to preserving the individual’s independence for as long as possible, as well as their dignity.


Regency Manor is equipped with a wide selection of rooms, all of which are large, spacious, and airy. Each room comes with a comfortable bed and quality furniture. In addition, each room is fitted with the equipment our caregivers will require to provide the resident with the best possible treatment while residing at our care home. Bournemouth residents will be given the option to repaint the room to the colour of their choosing.

We also actively encourage residents to bring along photographs, ornaments, and other mementos to make the room their own. Some of our rooms even come without any furniture at all – perfect for residents with furniture that they don’t wish to part with. Residents residing in our Bournemouth care home with dementia are allocated a room on one of our dementia floors.

Each bedroom on our dementia floors is individually coloured and display the occupant’s name in large, clear writing. We’ve found that this helps with triggering recognition, minimising confusion and promoting independence. Regardless of which floor your loved one is on, you can rest assured that their room will be kept clean and tidy by our dedicated care home Bournemouth support team.

Communal Areas

Regency Manor is equipped with a range of communal areas including a lounge area, dining area, and a drinks and snacks station. There is even a small kitchenette which is equipped for making tea and coffee. Residents are encouraged to utilise these areas as often as possible, and our support team ensures that they remain clean and tidy. Noticeboards keep residents updated on the latest activities, and the warm and homely decorative scheme makes everyone feel relaxed.

As with the rooms, the communal areas on our dementia floors are decorated accordingly using bright colours and visual cues. These help residents to navigate their way around and find their way to where they want to be. Here at our care home, Bournemouth residents can also benefit from our vast range of facilities, which include:

  • Laundry
  • Catering
  • Hair Salon
  • Coffee Shop
  • Medical Services
  • Chaplain

There is also an inside AND an outside garden for residents to relax in. Here at Regency Manor, we’ve covered all the bases.

Why Choose Our Bournemouth Care Home?

Welcome to Regency Manor – the premier choice for those searching for a care home. Bournemouth is a wonderful place to live with its award-winning beaches and attractions, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Regency Manor is situated in the perfect spot, making it ideally placed for family members who wish to take their loved ones out for the day.

Our care home in Bournemouth boasts 69 rooms and the site itself is carefully segregated. This ensures that our residents’ needs are all met in full. Our staff are all fully qualified and certified and empowered through superior training to provide residents with outstanding levels of care. In fact, we were voted highly by the Care Quality Commission for this very reason.

Without a doubt, Regency Manor is one of the finest care homes you’ll discover in Bournemouth and Poole.


To learn more about our care home, Bournemouth need only call Regency Manor today on 01202 715760.